The News-Review’s recent editorial claiming now’s not the right time for the Roseburg School Bond campaign is shortsighted and selfish. The tax increase won’t go into effect until next year, and the bond spans 20 years. In another year, our economy will be much healthier, and so will our schools if we pass this bond.

Our schools today are outdated and need to be modernized, so they’re safer, securer, and our children have the best learning environment possible. The bond is modest by any measure. When the bond matures, several schools will be nearly one-hundred years old. We can’t afford to wait.

When we invest in schools, we invest in our children and our community. All of us want the best opportunity for our kids. All of us want our children to get good-paying jobs. These are our kids, so let’s give them every chance for a better future by investing in our schools.

Our parents paid for the schools that we attended. It’s up to us to invest in the schools for our children. These are our kids. They are our responsibility. Please join me and vote yes for the Roseburg School Bond.

Steve Loosley, Umpqua Community College Board and local businessman