If we have learned anything in this community in the last five years, it is that we should be more vigilant in our emergency preparations. The primary feature of the Roseburg Public Schools bond levy is to increase safety and security for our students.

When our schools were built, we did not need entrance vestibules, perimeter fences and walls, and surveillance; today we do. The bond levy funds necessities — secure entryways, heat, ventilation, locks, airflow, security cameras — not extravagances. Additionally, the new gym space will double as emergency shelters, protecting more than just our students.

Our community has seen enough tragedy; it is time to do what we can to protect our students and each other. I am voting yes on the bond levy to help keep our community safe and secure, and I encourage everyone to research the value of this bond and do the same.

Jennifer Weiss, Roseburg

This Letter to the Editor originally appeared May 1, 2020 on nrtoday.com and can be viewed here.