Yes, if this Bond is passed, our property taxes are going to go up a little.

But, “What’s a little?” Here’s “a little”:

We are currently paying an average of $0.64 per $1,000 of assessed value on our property for schools.

If the Bond passes, we will NOT pay for any increase in our property taxes until November, 2021!

And when we do, we will pay only $.63 more on every $100,000 of assessed value.

What does that really mean for us in the real world?

Let’s look at the increase in a more practical way.

If our property is assessed at $100,000, we will be paying just $5.28 a month! Or $63.23 a year TOTAL!

If our property is assessed at $200,000, we will be paying just $10.50 per month, or $126.00 a year TOTAL.

Seems a “little” price to pay for the Safety and Security of our children!

What are we getting for that $5-10 more per month?

Here is what our $$$$$$ is buying us:

Think of an Elementary School.

25 classrooms.
250 daily lessons.
45,000 lessons a year.
For 20 years=
900,000 lessons for our $$.
(Reading, math, science, history, music, PE, etc.)

Think of just 20 classrooms at the High School.

(This is just a sample.)
6 periods a day.
120 lessons a day.
180 days a year.
21,600 lessons a year,
For 20 years.
432,000 lessons for your $$.
(Shakespeare, Math, Science, U.S. History, Government, Business, Drafting, CTE.)

Think of the Weight-Room at RHS.

50 students in the weight room hammer out 10,000 reps per period.

60,000 reps a day;
10,800,000 reps per year;
For 20 years.
216,000,000 reps for your $$.
(PE, Fitness, Weightlifting)

Think of an elementary school gymnasium.

6 PE lessons per day.
180 days.
1,080 PE lessons a year.
For 20 years=
21,600 lessons for our $$.
(Physical Ed., fellowship, skills building)

8 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools, 1 High School

Serving 6,300 students, 180 days a year, for 20 years, in a Safe and Secure Environment.

All for $5-$10 a month.
That’s a lot of bang for our buck!

Vote YES for Roseburg Schools!